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Made Efficient. 

Have you every considered a full-fletched dashboard loaded with all your analytics? Our Business Intelligence Dashboard Reporting brings data from many sources, including your NetSuite ERP and transforms it into clear, concise and professional reporting. 


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Accessible anywhere. On any device.

Our BI dashboard will deliver decision-making power throughout your entire organization, with a genuine focus on transparency and bottom-line performance. 

  • Single view of the truth
  • Clear view of business drivers at all levels
  • Predictive capabilities for sales, procurement and labor requirements
  • Genuine insights on customers, market segments, products and employees

How it works.

The BI Reporting Dashboard delivers decision-making power throughout your entire organization by connecting to your data sources - NetSuite, Google Analytics, Help Desk and more. 

While the dashboard "speaks" to your data source, it will enable you as a forward-thinking leader, in executing effective decision making and more accurate predictions. 

Reporting to your key drivers.

Do you know the metrics that drive your business? When you start addressing your key business drivers, the financials look after themselves - they become an outcome.


Predictive Analytics Technology.

Our predictive analytics can factor all internal and external influences on your business performance, such as the effect of price increases, marketing campaigns, inflation, customer gain/loss, new product introduction, currency fluctuations and much more.

"The modelling and forecasting were designed to be task-driven and the targets were defined in business speak."

David Nehme
David Nehme
Systems Architecture Strategist/Advisor | DNR Consulting
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